So if you want to find out how to build an email list for affiliate marketing?

If you’re into affiliate marketing, if you’re new into affiliate marketing, you’re an affiliate marketer as a beginner, you need to watch this video, how to find and how to build an email list of buyers.

So my name’s Barry Livingstone, if you haven’t been on the channel before, this channel is all about affiliate marketing and internet marketing for beginners, and people that are looking to build affiliate marketing businesses. And one of the biggest thing that people that are new into the industry for affiliate marketing come across, is the fact that they get their link, they get the product that they actually want to promote, and they don’t have an idea on how to generate traffic.

Generating traffic is one of the biggest things that any affiliate marketer or any business needs to do.

It needs to be able to drive people to the sales page to actually then put them through a sales process to actually buy a product or a service. Now, if you’re into affiliate marketing for beginners, if you’re beginning and brand new into affiliate marketing, one of the things that you must learn is how to build your own traffic of buyers, or people that are actually interested in buying your products or services, or the affiliate link that you’re actually offering.

And one of the ways to do this on a ongoing basis and on a basis that actually builds a longterm business, because this is the one of the things that you need to remember, if you want to make a longterm business out of this, if you want to make a life-changing opportunity, you actually need to look at it from a business sense, and to do that, you need to build an email list. And the easiest way is to build a new email list is through, obviously, advertising through Google AdWords, through Bing, or through YouTube, putting content out there and getting people to actually opt-in with an email address.


One of the other ways you can actually do it is with Solo Ads.

And the biggest problem that people actually have with Solo Ads, is there’s a lot of Solo Ads sellers out there that basically just buy email lists from other Solo Ad vendors, and they send out the Solo Ads, and they’re completely utter rubbish. But what I must say, is I am part of an organization of traffic dominators that actually go out there, and we get people to opt-in from Facebook, from YouTube, from Google AdWords, so it’s all paid traffic that the source of the actual Solo Ads all come from.

But if you want to find out how to actually build an email list, if you click down below, there’ll be a link to the free email list-building course that’s all about building your email list and giving you a long-term. Now, what you want to do when you build an email list, as an affiliate marketer, as a beginner into affiliate marketing, is you want to build a list that actually, you know that has buyers, and people that have buyer’s intent within that list. The easiest way to do that is send them to a CPA offer first of all. And what happens when you send to a CPA offer first of all, is they actually buy some product.


Now you Got Them Buying.

Now, once they actually buy a product, you actually know that they have buyer’s intent, and they are interested in finding out exactly how to make money on a link. Now this is all about the make money online niche, this specific video and this email list building course. Now, this is only for people that are absolute beginners into affiliate marketing, and the reason that there’s a lot of products and there’s a lot of systems out there, and there’s a lot of people saying, “Well you do this, and it’s an easy way to actually earn money online.” But one of the biggest things that they don’t do is they don’t show you how to actually drive traffic, drive people to actually click onto the website, click onto the landing page and then op-in.

This course takes you through the whole actual from start to finish on how to actually build the list and maintain the list on an ongoing basis, and ultimately, you want to be able to make sales. If you don’t make your first sale as an affiliate marketer as a beginner within the first two weeks, two months to six months, statistically, you’re not going to actually make it into affiliate marketing. You’re going to think that it’s all scams, and you think that, really, affiliate marketing probably isn’t for you. And, it’s all because you haven’t found the right system, the right mentors, the right mentorship, and the right course that actually points you in the right direction to make money from the start.

Now this course, although it is a free course, points you in the direction of how to, it takes you through step-by-step video training on how to actually build an email list, make a sale from the very start, and then email your email list on a daily basis, and it shows you the way to do this on a consistent basis. Now if you’re interested in this whatsoever, again, I must say, click on the link that’s directly in the comments section below this video, and that’ll take you through. And there is an option, obviously, but that then goes onto the free training.


It is completely free, but then, you do have to invest money. If you want to make it into affiliate marketing, the one thing that you have to do is invest money. You’re either going to invest money in yourself or you’re going to invest money on software, and systems, and products that actually help you actually make money quicker. If you don’t have any money at all, I suggest you probably go and get a job, because if you don’t have any money to invest, there are very few systems out there where you can make money from absolutely nothing.

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