Content, video content. What type of content should you be doing? I’m going to give you a three method strategy so that you can create one piece of content and you can turn that into three searchable, evergreen pieces of content, that’s just what you want.

Hey guys, welcome back to the channel. So in this video, we’re going to be talking about content, we’re going to be talking about evergreen content. And most of all, we’re going to be talking about search traffic, evergreen search traffic. That type of traffic that people type into Google when they’re asking a question, when they’re looking to solve an issue, solve a problem that they have. I’m going to show you how to create one piece of content and turn that into three searchable evergreen pieces of content.

Now, what is evergreen content? Evergreen content is search terms and things that people are constantly looking for. So say you’re in the diet industry and you want to lose 10 pounds. So the first thing that everyone does in this day and age, is they turn on their laptop, look at their phone, go into Google and they type in, I want to lose three pounds in 10 weeks, for instance. That’s evergreen content. It’s always been searched. It’s been searched for years, it’s been searched for as long as the internet has been there. It is evergreen content. That’s exactly what evergreen content is.

So in this strategy, first of all, if you haven’t subscribed to this Youtbue channel, why not? Do it just now, click subscribe, hit the notification bell so that you’re notified of future videos just like this. I’m going to be dropping value bombs just like the allies were dropping bombs and World War II, so you want to be hanging around for more content like this. More value added content. So back to the evergreen content strategy.

This strategy that I’m about to tell you, is a strategy that I’ve used before, and it is a strategy that works. So how are you going to create one piece of content and then actually turn that one thing that you did one time into three evergreen searchable pieces of content? Well, it’s actually quite easy, and the strategy is actually fantastic, and it’s a way of growing your brand, if it’s a personal brand that you’re growing, or growing your online business. It gives you three bits of real estate on the internet, and that’s the good thing about this strategy as well. Is, you only have to do the work once, it then goes on to give you three pieces of real estate.

So if you think of all your website, if you think of each page as a piece of real estate, if you think of your video content, and if you think of any social media content, that’s all landing space that people have actually found you on the internet. So the strategy that I’m actually going to talk about first of all, is actually, you do it by recording, you do a video. And the reason that you want to be doing a video, is YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world today, still, to this. And it always will be, because the time that people actually have attention span on the internet is actually decreasing. So you want to grab their attention by video.

People aren’t typing in as much as what they look for. I mean, I done a video last night, it was ranked on page one of Google, number one video on Google within half an hour. Now, it was a relatively, it’s a search term that’s… I mean, I could probably go on and show you the stats just now, and let’s see if we can actually do this. So just bear with me and I’ll just get the stats from YouTube just to prove. So analytics, and there we go. So I’m not sure if you’ll see that, but is that going to, it’s not going to zoom in. It’s showing 4,000 views in the last 12 hours for a video that I uploaded last night.

Now, I wasn’t even there, it’s viral hacking. I do a lot of viral hacking with other YouTube channels that I do have. And the good thing about it is, it’s evergreen content. It’s content that people are searching right there and right now. It’s okay doing videos that people that are looking for evergreen content for instance, or looking for a diet, a certain type of diet fad. But the keyword is the diet. There’s always going to be this searchable content.

So getting back to the video and getting back to the searchable content, getting back to the evergreen content in 2020 and how you can take one piece of content, one video and turn it into three searchable evergreen methods. So what you do is you do a video like this and you do a video on the topic that you’re actually going to be talking about. And then, what you do is that you upload that onto YouTube. There’s your landing page number one. There’s your first piece of real estate, is the YouTube video. Then you might be saying, “Yeah, that’s fine, but how do you then create another one?”

So you take the video, and you turn it into an MP4, and you use that, take the audio from that and then upload it onto whatever podcasting platform that you want to use, put it out as a podcast. The exact same audio, you put it out there and use that as a podcast. Now, you have to remember not everybody that watches YouTube is going to find you looking for podcasts. It’s a completely different marketplace altogether, so you’re actually targeting different people. You’re not targeting the same people with one piece of content, and that’s a fantastic thing about this strategy. So once you’ve actually taken the audio from your video, just like I’m doing just now, you take the audio and you can upload it on iTunes or whatever platform that you’re actually going to be using to use for your audio.

So then, what you would then do as well, the third way, once you’ve put it up there, you’ve got your podcast. So you’ve got a podcast on one platform. You’ve then got your YouTube video on YouTube, that searchable content, because people are going onto YouTube and they’re searching keywords, and they’re searching for that content. It’s the same when people are using podcasts. People are now using podcasts as a way of searching traffic. And the third way that you want to do it is for your blog.

So you take your video and you go over to a website, it’s called, and you actually just put your URL for your video into And then, if it’s a 10 minute video, it costs you about $10. And they’ll send you back the transcribe… If I could even say it properly… Transcription of your video. And then, you basically copy and paste that into your blog, make a few amendments, and there’s your third piece of content for absolutely pennies, and I actually made three pieces of content out of one sitting. So, that’s a fantastic way of actually getting lots of content out there. You can take that content, you can take your blog, you can post it on your social media. So then it gives you an even bigger, wider audience.

You can have your YouTube video embedded into the blog so that it then creates more backlinks and things like that. You can even then have a link to the audio via your podcast and that creates even more backlinks for your website. Now, that is what you have to be doing for creating evergreen content. It creates backlinks, it’s your own backlinks that you know that are secure. And do you know, it’s not going to be rubbish traffic. It’s all in the world wide web, it’s connected and it comes back to you.

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